Graphics Search

Quickly and easily search more than 33,000 pictures, tables, illustrations, diagrams, graphs, algorithms and videos.

Richer, more relevant medical graphics than on the Web

Now you can search an extensive library of trustworthy, high-quality graphics from UpToDate® without having to use a separate search engine. The thousands of richly detailed graphics combined with the evidence-based knowledge in UpToDate creates  a powerful and practical tool for improving your ability to diagnose and treat patients at the point of care.

Simply enter a clinical term into the Search box, and click “Search” (or choose an auto-complete suggestion). Then select “graphics” from the menu in the left navigation. For even faster performance, select “Graphics” from the dropdown menu in the Search box. In either search approach, the resulting graphics appear in thumbnail format for quick and easy scanning. Clicking a thumbnail opens a larger, Lightbox version of the graphic.

Accessing topics with references to graphics

In Lightbox view, the graphic lists UpToDate topics that include references to the graphic under “Appears in Topics.” Choose and click a topic, and UpToDate opens the topic and highlights the graphic reference in the text.

Are you already reading a topic that references a graphic? Click the reference to open the corresponding graphic. Or click the “Graphics All” button to display thumbnails of every graphic associated with the topic.

Sharing graphics with your colleagues & patients

In Lightbox view, UpToDate Graphics Search offers several options for sharing content:

  • Click Export to PowerPoint to open the graphic in a slide
  • Click Print to share the graphic with a colleague or patient
  • Click Full View for an even larger display at the point of care

View Graphics Search Demo (select "Conducting a Graphics Search" from the menu)