HL7 Infobutton Searches and Meaningful Use

The UpToDate® HL7 Infobutton can support your institutions EHR effort to meet Meaningful Use 2 requirements through linked clinical decision support, and patient information distribution.

UpToDate Search Results Tailored to Your Individual Patients

The HL7 Infobutton facilitates quick access to UpToDate content relevant to your patient’s specific disease, condition, medication, lab result, and contextual information. With HL7 Infobuttons embedded in the patient record, clinicians see targeted search results in seconds, keeping the focus on the patient.

The UpToDate HL7 Infobutton uses codified data; such as ICD-9 for patient condition or LOINC for patient lab results to retrieve UpToDate content that is targeted to a specific patient. UpToDate has developed HL7 capability for use with many leading EHR/EMR companies, including Allscripts, Epic, Cerner, Meditech, and McKesson Horizon and Practice Partner systems. HL7-assisted free text search capability and tracking of patient education materials are also available with select vendors.

UpToDate integration requires an appropriate license, and is not available in all markets.

UpToDate has collaborated with a select number of EMR/EHR vendors, and is currently evaluating making its tools available to a broader audience of partners. UpToDate will notify the partner community when these APIs are available.

For more information on the UpToDate HL7 Infobutton, contact your local sales representative.

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