UpToDate Patient Search Box

Add the UpToDate® for Patients Search Box to your site and enable your patients and their families to find current, in-depth, and unbiased information that will help them:

  • Learn more about a medical condition
  • Better understand management and treatment options
  • Share in the medical decision making process with their health care providers

How the Search Box works:

The Search Box code is an application that displays content directly on your web page. You can embed our Search Box in your practice or hospital website, personalized home page, blog, and other sites. Once you've added the Search Box, no technical maintenance is required.

When one of your website visitors does a search using the Search Box, they will be brought to a list of relevant search results on the UpToDate site. They will first see any relevant Patient Information we have on their search query, followed by any relevant professional-level information. UpToDate "Beyond the Basics" Patient Information is free to the public. Our professional-level information is available only by subscription.

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