UpToDate for Hospitals and Institutions

An Investment in Improved Patient Care

Research shows that when doctors can answer the clinical questions they encounter daily, it has a positive impact on patient safety, outcomes, and other key hospital objectives. In addition, first-hand reports from subscribers and medical librarians confirm that UpToDate beneficially affects daily practice.

Improvements in quality of care, length of stay, patient safety, and mortality can translate into significant savings for healthcare institutions, making UpToDate one of the most cost-effective approaches for improving healthcare.

UpToDate Anywhere*

UpToDate Anywhere provides all clinicians at your institution with instant access to UpToDate, whether they are at the patient’s bedside, working in their office, or researching questions from home.

Researching clinical questions at the point of care not only helps clinicians more accurately diagnose and treat patients, but is also appreciated by patients who want to know that their physicians are accessing the latest in medical recommendations.

UpToDate can be embedded into many hospitals EHR systems, providing easy access within the clinical workflow.

UpToDate Anywhere also provides clinicians with access to UpToDate content through award-winning mobile apps. Clinicians may accrue CME/CE/CPD credit with every question researched using UpToDate – both onsite, and through a mobile device.

Learn more about UpToDate Anywhere and the impact it’s had on physician satisfaction and clinical outcomes at institutions like yours.

Onsite Access

Offer your clinicians unlimited onsite access via a link on your institution’s internal network, without the need to enter a user name or password. As with UpToDate Anywhere, the UpToDate database resides on our servers, eliminating the need for your institution to perform server updates or maintenance.

Get Started Today

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*Availability may vary. Please contact the UpToDate sales team for details.