Together, UpToDate and JADECOM Meet the Diverse Needs of Community Medical Care


Founded in 1986 as Incorporated Association "Japan Association for Development of Community Medicine", JADECOM has been providing comprehensive healthcare to patients in Japan for nearly 30 years. JADECOM transitioned to a public-interest incorporated association in 2009.

JADECOM supports communities that face difficult medical situations, and also nurtures the generalists and nurses essential to community medicine across the country. JADECOM has grown steadily since its start, and now operates hospitals and clinics in all parts of Japan, either through direct management or designated management (in which system facilities are built by local governments but operated by private parties). To date, JADECOM covers 7 teaching hospitals, 18 hospitals, 5 geriatric health services facilities, 21 clinics, 9 complex facilities and 2 nursing schools.

JADECOM adopted UpToDate in April 2012 and since then has provided nearly 2,000 medical professionals, including physicians and paramedics with continuously updated evidence-based clinical knowledge and recommendations.

JADECOM official website: http://www.jadecom.or.jp/

The Challenges

JADECOM needs a solution that reaches all clinicians, regardless of where they are practicing. The majority of physicians and the larger medical facilities tend to be located in larger, core cities. The medical facilities located in isolated mountain or island regions often face limited access to the most updated medical knowledge and a serious shortage of doctors.

While battling these obstacles, JADECOM physicians also work to gain efficiency. The biggest challenge for physicians at JADECOM is to see more patients and make accurate clinical decisions in less time.

To meet these challenges, JADECOM looks for both hardware and software solutions that help its members provide better patient care and improve hospital and clinical performance across the entire network.

JADECOM had tried several online medical resources to support their physicians but continued to look for a comprehensive evidence-based clinical solution that could be used not only at point of care, but also for clinical education purposes.

The Solutions

With coverage of more than 20 specialties and more than 5,700 physician authors and editors from nearly 50 countries — including Japan — UpToDate met the needs of JADECOM.

To ensure all users at JADECOM could take advantage of this resource, UpToDate worked closely with the JADECOM IT department to ensure all members were able to access UpToDate easily within their intranet.

"To support all members at JADECOM across the whole country," Dr. Jun Kohyama, MD, PhD, CEO of Tokyo Bay Urayasu Ichikawa Medical Center, and a director of JADECOM, said, "JADECOM continues to invest in IT infrastructure and new technologies to optimize the use of clinical systems or tools for all members." Dr. Kohyama continued, "While providing high-quality patient care, JADECOM also focuses on educating and nurturing medical staff including physicians, pharmacists and nurses with the most updated medical knowledge. That’s where we see the value of UpToDate aligning with our goals and we ultimately decided to adopt it as our evidence-based clinical decision support system."

"Our doctors especially appreciate the graded recommendations UpToDate provides, that help doctors make right decisions." Dr. Kohyama added. "We all agree that doctors need to see more and more patients in less time, thus graded recommendations from a trusted resource really help."

Dr. Kohyama also noted, "At JADECOM, we not only use UpToDate to help physicians for diagnosis and patient treatment at point of care, but also use it as one of our key online resources to educate residents." He emphasized, "One of our key missions is to train and nurture professional medical human resources for the country, all residents at JADECOM are strongly encouraged to use online resources such as UpToDate to keep themselves updated with fast-changing medical knowledge.

The Commitment to Providing High-Quality Community Medical Care

As a pioneer in the effort to provide high-quality medical care for patients — not only in cities, but also in rural areas in Japan — JADECOM partners with UpToDate to achieve superior community medicine and improve patient care through easily accessible evidence-based clinical knowledge and information.

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