UpToDate Anywhere Makes European Debut as the Reinier de Graaf Hospital in The Netherlands Deploys Mobile-Enabled Clinical Decision Support Resource

December 10, 2014 – Wolters Kluwer Health, a leading global provider of information for healthcare professionals and students, announced today that the Reinier de Graaf Hospital, Netherlands’ oldest hospital, is the first healthcare organization in Europe to deploy UpToDate® Anywhere. The hospital now provides clinicians with mobile access to the acclaimed evidence-based clinical decision support resource via the UpToDate app.

“At the Reinier de Graaf Hospital we are focused on patient-centered, compassionate care delivered as consistently, efficiently and safely as possible. To achieve this goal, we continuously aspire to the discovery of new clinical knowledge and procedures and enhancing its dissemination to clinicians, residents and medical students,” said Dr. Geke A. Blok, Head of Medical Education and Science, Reinier de Graaf Hospital. “UpToDate Anywhere is a natural extension of this vision for its ability to provide our clinicians with mobile access anytime, anywhere to evidence-based insights, recommendations, protocols and best practices at the point of care and beyond.”

The Reinier de Graaf hospital provides care for approximately 450,000 patients from its main location in Delft, a facility in Voorburg and clinics in Naaldwijk and Den Haag. Its more than 3,000 professionals include 190 medical specialists, over 100 residents and yearly hundreds of medical students, spread across 37 specialisms. As a teaching hospital, Reinier de Graaf also provides medical specialist education in 23 specialties, as well as various (advanced) nursing and paramedic programmes and medical follow-up support training.

Ranked first among “The best medical apps for your new iPhone” by iMedicalApps and rated as one of “The Best Apps in Publishing” by EContent Magazine, UpToDate is available in iOS, Android™ and Windows 8 mobile platforms as well as via any mobile internet browser. Nearly 300,000 clinicians can now access the UpToDate mobile app worldwide.

European hospitals and healthcare systems with a strategic objective to enhance workflow integration can opt to embed UpToDate in electronic medical record systems such as Cerner, InterSystems, MEDITECH, Medasys and others. This allows users to search UpToDate with fewer clicks and without additional windows or log-ins.

UpToDate Anywhere users in healthcare organizations benefit in particular from Search in Your Own Language, a customizable suite of multi-language search and navigation tools that enables clinicians to pose clinical questions in their native language. This customizable experience streamlines searching for clinical information and graded recommendations by leveraging an advanced, patent-pending translation system for search terms in nine languages, including French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and English. The intuitive auto-complete feature of UpToDate search also predicts words or phrases in a clinician’s native language to deliver faster search results.

“We share Reinier de Graaf Hospital’s dedication to providing the highest standard of care by helping their clinicians find the best answers to their clinical questions wherever and whenever those questions arise,” said Denise Basow, MD, Vice President and General Manager, UpToDate at Wolters Kluwer Health, Clinical Solutions. “Reinier de Graaf Hospital has pioneered UpToDate Anywhere in Europe, putting access to trusted, evidence-based clinical decision support as close as a mobile phone in a doctor’s coat.”

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