UpToDate Releases MobileComplete for Android

Fastest Mobile Version of UpToDate is Now Available on iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ Devices

Waltham, Massachusetts (December 13, 2012) – Wolters Kluwer Health, a leading global provider of information for healthcare professionals and students, announced today that UpToDate, part of Wolters Kluwer Health, released MobileComplete™ for Android™ users. A downloadable local version of its free app, UpToDate MobileComplete™ is the fastest mobile version of UpToDate, providing clinicians with access to evidence-based, practical recommendations, even offline. With this release, UpToDate offers customers local access to trusted, evidence-based information across iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

For individual subscribers, UpToDate MobileComplete takes the speed and convenience of UpToDate Mobile, a free on-demand app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, a step further, enabling users to download the UpToDate clinical content locally to their device. With MobileComplete, clinicians can use UpToDate without an Internet connection - even in dead zones - accessing clinical knowledge contained within the UpToDate database locally. To ensure users access the most current recommendations, the app verifies that requested content is the most recent when a network connection is present.

"Over the years, UpToDate has been a very useful resource for all types of patient care. As a Family Practice doctor I use it everywhere—from the clinic, to the OB floor, hospital, ICU, Nursing Home, Hospice, and wherever else I may be,” said Dr. Jason Morgenson. “UpToDate is very responsive to their customers, which is evidenced by the new mobile apps. They never stop developing and making UpToDate better with each enhancement.”

Both UpToDate MobileComplete and UpToDate Mobile for iPhone, iPad and Android offer critical features such as bookmarks, auto-complete search, saved search history, optimized calculators and CME credits for each time a clinical question is researched. In addition, UpToDate MobileComplete enables clinicians to reduce their data usage if using a limited data plan.

"I am very pleased with UpToDate, especially the anytime, anywhere mobile access, which provides me with peer reviewed, evidence-based medical knowledge. The CMEs I earn every time I review a topic is an added plus," said Dr. Anna Mathew, Medical Director for Department of Public Health and Social Services, Guam.
“The adoption of mobile applications among clinicians is on the rise. Physicians in over 130 countries are currently using an UpToDate mobile application, accounting for 25 percent of individual clinician usage in the past year alone,” said Denise Basow, President, UpToDate at Wolters Kluwer Health. “We are committed to continue delivering on our global mission of improving patient care at the point-of-care, and providing clinicians with access to UpToDate anywhere, anytime they need it is critical in achieving that mission.”